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Lise Brin

Antigonish, Nova Scotia
I like to eat. Specifically, I am very fond of: cheese, egg noodles, avocadoes, chocolate milk, flan, cake in general, spinach, fresh ginger and cilantro, mussels, dumplings, sushi and miso soup.
Wednesday, May 25

5:00pm ADT

Thursday, May 26

8:00am ADT

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9:30am ADT

10:30am ADT

10:45am ADT

12:15pm ADT

1:30pm ADT

3:00pm ADT

3:15pm ADT

4:15pm ADT

6:00pm ADT

Friday, May 27

8:30am ADT

10:30am ADT

10:45am ADT

11:15am ADT

12:00pm ADT

1:00pm ADT

2:30pm ADT

3:30pm ADT